Author: Susan C

Passionate about helping others to make the world a brighter, happier and knowledgeable place.
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Grilling Pork Belly aka Lechon Kawali

Pork belly is pretty much bacon in a thicker cut. I remember pork belly being cooked rotisserie style when my parents owned a take out BBQ restaurant. They would have it cooking over charcoal for hours. It wasn’t until a few years ago I saw my uncle make this a bit differently which had so much flavor! Every time he made it I would wait patiently to eat some!

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Making The Most Out Of Quarantine

Our first week of being in mostly quarantine, except for going to the grocery store (only I would go) or picking up food via drive through was quite a week. I didn’t do anything crazy for the kids as far as learning went. I was also working (from home), so I spent the afternoons after my work day was over to be with them and tried to entertain them as much as possible.