• Out On The Boat

    January 12, 2020 by

    Went out on the boat with the boys and Brutus for a few hours this morning. It ended up raining and we didn’t want to risk being downpoured on so we left early.

  • Chilly Sunday

    January 5, 2020 by

    It’s 66 degrees in South Florida today but the wind makes it feel colder. Stopped at Starbucks and took this family selfie while sipping our drinks while the kids were eating their snacks outside.

  • Library Fun

    January 3, 2020 by

    Took the boys to the library and borrowed some books. They especially enjoyed playing games on the computer. Proud of Landon for picking up on using the mouse so quickly! Kids these days are so used to touch screen.

  • Big Bro Reading To Little Bro

    December 31, 2019 by

    Went to Barnes and Noble and they enjoyed playing with the train table. We were with Landon’s ABA therapist and she suggested Ricky read to Landon.

  • All About Milk

    December 29, 2019 by

    Had to get some milk at Publix and Landon prefers the Horizon brand because of the cow and the Earth on the carton.

  • Just Us

    December 27, 2019 by

    Our family photo taken with my Google Pixel 3 XL on a timer leaned against a box…

  • Christmas in Boca

    December 25, 2019 by

    Spent our Christmas in Boca and checked out the fancy tree with a light show at Mizner Park.

  • Seeing The Tree

    December 24, 2019 by

    One of the things we like to do during the holidays is see the 100 Foot Christmas Tree here in Delray Beach, FL.

  • Like A Kid On Christmas

    December 16, 2019 by

    This past weekend the kids went to an event at my Dad’s Masonic Lodge for a holiday party where there was lunch, toys and Santa!

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