Done with Elementary, off to middle!

Enrique finished 5th grade on Thursday, and he’s off to 6th grade – middle school in August! I feel like it was just yesterday that we sent him to kindergarten and I remember crying because he was already at that point in his life. I did tear up a little at his 5th grade moving on ceremony and realizing my little boy is growing up!

Just a look back at his elementary school years. He started off at a school he was chosen via lottery. A highly rated school which he spent Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Unfortunately he couldn’t really enjoy that last half of his last year there because of the pandemic, and he was attending school virtually. He never got to say goodbye to his friends in person, although he kept in touch with a couple friends which he still talks to up until now.

He started a new school near our new home in 4th grade. Spent a few weeks learning virtually and then went to school in person – he seemed to make friends although I guess things are definitely different when you’re in 4th and 5th grade and COVID is still lingering around. For the most part I think he enjoyed his last 2 years of elementary school at a different school. He joined safety patrol in 5th grade and got to go on a field trip to Kennedy Space Center and Sea World. And for his 5th grade trip they went to Islands of Adventure.

He told me he was sad to be leaving elementary school, but I am looking forward to him going to middle school and hopefully finding what he enjoys to do along with making some friends he can hang out with.