A Fun Family Weekend

Had a fun weekend spent with the family, celebrating my sister’s birthday. She lives in St. Cloud, FL, so we all spent the weekend at her house. We had a nice home cooked dinner by my parents and some ice cream cake.

Landon had fun seeing my sister’s cats and dogs.

The next day we got up early to go kayaking at Wekiva Island. Got there by 8 am and it was already getting pretty busy! We kayaked along the spring and then back and had lunch. By the time we left, it started pouring raining so we had perfect timing!

Later we went back to my sister’s house. My sister, Glen, Landon and I got some boba and donuts and stopped to get some groceries. The boys later did some fishing in the pond by the house and then we had some more home cooked food and watched Ice Road on Netflix. Crazy movie btw, I didn’t know ice roads were a thing for trucking!

The next day my parents made a Filipino breakfast of fried spam, eggs and garlic rice. The kids had pancakes. My parents left to go home and the rest of us decided to go to Bass Pro Shops before we headed back home. Being with mostly boys who like the outdoors and fishing they had a fun time. We even got a good deal on a cornhole set!

Overall, one of the best weekends I had with my family in a long time!