Working Out At Home

Ever since this whole COVID pandemic happened it’s been a struggle with so many things. But one thing that is important to me is being active and having a workout routine regularly.

I took classes at Orange Theory for a little over a year and I absolutely loved it. Then the gyms closed and I was back to figuring out what to do. I am the type that needs motivation from others. I tried a Facebook group challenge, and even the challenges that OTF offered through their home workouts. I struggled. It wasn’t the same. I like having stats after my workout, to see my efforts. That’s what motivates me. Not to mention good music that pumps you up!

Fast forward to recently. We finally moved into our new house and we had more space, more freedom to do what we want as living with my in-laws limited us all from doing things. Not to mention the lack of space. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend money on a bicycle that basically is connected to a computer, but the idea of having the challenge, motivation and knowing others were there in real time doing the same workout as you was a great idea in my opinion. So I ordered the bike and got it a few days later – to my surprise as I heard about waiting months for delivery due to COVID.

I’m definitely not complaining! I am happy that I have this bike. Getting used to riding on the bike is a challenge in itself, but I’m really enjoying it so far. The live classes are my favorite. They’re doable and challenging all at the same time. It also gives makes me set aside time to work out.

Peloton is great in that they have other classes to choose from which really gives me no excuse to work out at home. Except I need a exercise mat (which is on its way – thanks eBay). I feel better that I can work out at home while the kids are here. I don’t have to leave the house, and I still work up a sweat like I would if I was at the gym. So I’m just really thankful and hopefully will transform our extra room that I use as my office into my workout space as well! That’ll be a project in itself!