Our New Home

It’s been a stressful week leading up to our home closing. But now, we are officially homeowners! I never thought that this day would come but it did and it was quite emotional!

Our brand new home!

I’ve wanted a house of our own for a long time, and the universe and stars aligned for us to have this opportunity. When we were given the keys in our hands at the end of our closing meeting, our closing advisor provided some words about how he had so much respect for this acheivement of ours. It made me think about all the things we had done to get to the point. I teared up as he poured the envelope of the keys to our home into our hands. We exchanged elbows instead of handshakes and the keys to our house were ours!

Our home was built from the ground up. It’s crazy to think we were looking at this lot of just dirt, that over time became our home. Every week we would drive here and look at the progress of our home. Seeing each step of your home being built really makes you appreciate your home a lot more and all the work that goes into building a house. We picked out a lot features in the home – from the colors of the outside of the house, inside the house, the counters and cabinets and even the floors. It was so cool and rewarding to see the final result. Now our weekly drives to see the house progress are over, and we can actually go inside and stay here!

The best part about our “closing day” was when we brought the boys into their new house. It was raining and I drove the car into the garage so they wouldn’t get wet. They were so excited to see their finished home and even the dog was excitedly running around the house.

For our boys…and Brutus too 😄

There is a lot to do to make this house our home like moving all our stuff in, arranging things and even getting new furniture. But I’m excited and looking forward to all the things… especially cooking, spending down time with my family and making memories in our brand new home.

So many people went into making this dream a reality, and I’m so thankful for them. Also thankful for my in-laws for letting us stay with them while our house was being built. And of course my love, my husband, my rock – Glen. For being patient with me throughout this whole time when times were stressful and being there for me when I felt like this day would never come. Getting this house was a joint effort and it shows how much we can make our dreams come true, together.