Making The Most Out Of Quarantine

Our first week of being in mostly quarantine, except for going to the grocery store (only I would go) or picking up food via drive through was quite a week. I didn’t do anything crazy for the kids as far as learning went. I was also working (from home), so I spent the afternoons after my work day was over to be with them and tried to entertain them as much as possible.

We had an iguana visitor that stuck around for part of the day outside our bedroom window, so that was fun for Landon to look at for a bit.

I tried to take them out to get fresh air as much as possible, so I let them ride their bikes to the park and get some energy out at the playground.

I also took them to the pool to swim, which they both enjoyed. Of course, there was some brotherly quarreling.

We did do a bit of schooling. Ricky had assignments from his teacher, and I had Landon go through some tracing, math and we went on a virtual field trip to some live cams at zoos. We were supposed to go to the Miami Seaquarium with Landon’s class last week.

The heartbreaking moment of the week was when we found out that the playground and pool was closed. I even drove over to the pool by my parent’s house and it was also closed. Later found out it was an executive order by the Governor of Florida to close any public places to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

There was a lot of downtime, where the kids were on their iPads or watching TV or movies on Netflix. The best thing about this whole quarantine thing is that there has been a lot more cuddling, hugs and quality time with Landon. I also was able to go for a run outside (something I never do, but the gym is now closed) which wasn’t as bad as I thought.

We went for a car ride a few times with Brutus as he was definitely getting stir crazy being inside all week. We went to a car wash and had lunch in the truck. The kids were entertained by a bunch of birds scrounging for food in the parking lot, and we gave them some of our food to see how close they would get to the truck.

Glen set up his drum set for the kids to play with. Landon especially enjoys the drums!

We’re now in a new week, which would be technically their Spring Break. Now that most places are closed, it’s going to be really challenging to entertain these kids here at home…