Autism Speaks Walk in West Palm Beach, FL

This is our second year walking in the Autism Speaks Walk. The first year we walked was when we learned our son Landon has Autism, which was last January.

He started a new school this school year which we are happy with as we see that he is communicating more with us, and we definitely see a difference in his behavior being at this new school.

We are so grateful for all our friends and family who donated through our fundraising page. We truly appreciate the support!

It was nice seeing other families and Landon’s teachers, therapists and school friends. We are happy to be part of this school that does so much for Landon and other kids that have Autism. It truly inspires me every time I see the kids!

Here are some pictures from the walk.

Enrique & Landon
Playing with some sand in a sensory bin

Waterfront selfie break