Fun At Lion Country Safari

We’ve been planning to take Landon to Lion Country Safari for a while. Yesterday was the day. The weather was actually perfect, as it wasn’t too warm out and there was a low chance of rain in the forecast.

He knew that we were taking him to ‘safari’ and he was getting anxious, as we needed to get some lunch at Publix to save some money on lunch (as I had heard that the cafeteria isn’t too great as far as the food quality and is priced a bit high).

Once we got there though, he was so excited! His face lit up with excitement!


It was a great drive through seeing all the animals!

Once we got through the drive through part, there is another part where you can walk and see more animals. There are also some kiddie rides the boys enjoyed a lot!

The boys at the main entrance.


The best part of the day was when the boys fed a giraffe. I loved seeing the laughter and joy that they were experiencing. It truly made my day and is why I love being a mom!